First Congregational Church

The Task:  To provide a quality AV system that would fit in with the warm intimate feel of the new Sanctuary space and meet the changing technical needs. 

The Solution: Advanced started with a system design from the project consultant and modified it to meet the clients needs.  From the design phase to actual time of installation various needs and performance parameters had changed and Advanced was asked to provide a solution that still fit within the original proposed budget.

The room design changed from the original covered interior wall plan to the exposed wood beams after it was determined that the wood would save money over the original steel beam design.  This created challenges in regards to speaker placement and most importantly the video screen.  Originally the screen was to hang off the steel columns with a massive support structure to be buried in the wall.  Advanced with the assistance of Universal Manufacturing came up with an aluminum I-Beam solution that captivated one of the main roof beams.

An actuator arm was used to allow the screen to be positioned flush against the wall when not in use and pivoted out when needed.  The entire mechanism including the Da-Lite screen is controlled via a wireless Zigbee relay module.  The overall system is controlled via an Aurora Multimedia WACKI control system allowing serial, IR and relays controls all accessed via an IP network.  The solution is affordable and expandable and provides remote access and control options.

The sound system is based around the Renkus Heinz Iconyx steerable line array.  The Iconyx was chosen for it’s superior performance and it’s high SPL rating.  The church envisions using the room as a small concert venue, as part of it’s service to the community and the youth.  A Yamaha LS9-32 is provided at the mix position for all of the audio mixing needs.  

History: First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ is the oldest Congregational Church in Michigan 
and the first Church in Rochester.  The congregation has served the local residents of Rochester for over 180 years.

The Congregation is very active in the community hosting many outreach events for the community and the youth in the area.  They house one of the oldest food banks in the area for those who are in need of assistance. 

1315 N. Pine Street. 
Rochester, MI  48307 


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April 5, 2019