Lawrence Technological University

Lawrence Technological University recently made a large upgrade to their Science and Engineering Auditorium on their Southfield campus.  The upgrade was possible thanks to a generous donation by retired Dean Marburger.  The systems included new audio, video and lighting equipment.

Advanced Lighting & Sound was awarded the contract for the complete project thanks in part of their ability to address all the systems included in the project.  The systems were a huge upgrade to the room meeting  a variety of production and event needs.  The system was designed to work as a full production solution or as a standalone presentation solution for lectures and simple presentations.  A  Renkus-Heinz IC Live speaker system was installed left and right of the proscenium providing a very clean and efficient solution.  Added low frequency for the system was provided by a pair of Danley THMINI subs hung from the ceiling.  Processing for the project was provided by a Ashly Protea 24.24M. A Penton UAPg2 was used as the onstage mixer because of it’s uniquely programmable front face controls and its programmable processing structure.  For larger events an Allen & Heath T112 complete with an iDR-32 digital snake box can be setup at the new FOH mix position.

The video system was designed to accommodate a variety of applications.  For simple lectures, a single Panasonic projector was installed and connected to a Crestron DMPS-300-C for all signal routing and system control.  Crestron DM input transmitters are located on stage and at the mix position to accommodate a variety of input signals.  The  entire system is controlled by a pair of Crestron touch screens that are connected to the system.  To accommodate other presentation needs a dual projector wide screen solution was installed that operates from a dedicated PC with a dual output Matrox card.  This display system provides for a very wide projection solution that was used very effectively for the first event in the room, which was a regional sales meeting for Microsoft.

The lighting system was in dire need of repair.  Old Century dimmers and a manual patchbay were located on stage and were very unreliable.  A new Drd dimming system by ETC was selected and installed.  The new system provided for discrete dimmer per circuit configuration and had enough capacity to pick up the necessary house light circuits.  Unison walk through stations were installed at entranceways an at the mix position.  A variety of new ETC fixtures were installed on the stage and in the house to improve the lighting capability of the room.  Larger production lighting control is accommodated by an ETC ION console that can be setup at the mix position when needed.

The completed project has been warmly received by students, staff and administrators who use the room daily for a variety of functions.


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April 14, 2019