Zion Christian Church

The Task: Provide a lighting and staging system to meet the needs of the growing youth program at the Church.

The Solution:  Today’s youth are more than the MTV generation.  Music, videos and other types of entertainment are really shaped by the visual element.   For the last few years Zion Church has taken advantage of Advanced Lighting & Sounds rental department to bring in lighting equipment for special events.  This has laid the ground work for them to look at a permanent solution for their space. 

Pastor Jason Rollins asked Advanced to design a solution that would give the impact of the rented systems and fit within their budget.  To help visualize the system A WYSIWYG model was created that gave them a complete visual of the proposed system.  This visualization tool was used to share the idea with their board and others in the church to help round up support.

WYSIWYG renderings used to share the concept of the proposed additions

The chapel was originally outfitted by Advanced over 10 years ago with basic lighting.  The challenge this time was to find elements that provided good visual impact while drawing minimal power.  A custom truss solution was manufactured by Universal Manufacturing in Clinton Township, MI and a dimming system by Leprecon was chosen.  The LWD2400 dimmers were used because of their size and ability to provide an affordable architectural control network as well as support DMX.  The LP-x24 console was added to control both the conventional and moving light elements.

New video was incorporated in the system with a center framed screen and two freeform screens using stretch fabric for the sides.  Edirol V8 switchers were chosen to manipulate the imaging while an Edirol P10 was chosen for ambient video clip playback.

The first event was attended by over 300 youth and was a huge success.

3668 Livernois Rd. 
Troy, MI  48083 


Posted on

April 3, 2019