Zion Church Projection & Lighting Upgrade

The Task:  Help provide an updated presentation and lighting system that would change the look and feel of a traditional Worship space for a more contemporary service style

The Solution:  In order to help individuals at the church understand and visualize the concept a presentation was made to the Board with visuals created in WYSIWYG.  After a similar renovation to the Youth Room many could already see the benefit.

 Advanced originally designed and installed solutions to the room over 10 years ago.  Back then a choir and orchestra were primary elements for the worship service.  The original room is a large dome with ceilings reaching up 60 feet.  When the room was originally occupied a suspended ceiling was added to make the room more intimate and provide better acoustics.  The challenge created now was there was no way to support any of the new elements from the ceiling.

 It was decided a ground support structure was needed and after many iterations the final four leg solution was conceived.  The choir loft area became the mounting location for the projectors and motorized tensioned RP screens from Da-lite were suspended from the truss.  New Analog Way scallers were added due to their ability to let us manipulate image sizing since the church has not fully transitioned to HD yet.  The projectors used were Sanyo PLC-XF-46 both to meet budget and match other existing units.

The church expanded it’s lighting system through the use of Elation fixtures.  An assortment of Design Spot 300’s, 575’s and DLED 36 pro fixtures were used to add variety and flexibility to the traditional static light plot.


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April 6, 2019