Christ Church Cranbrook

The Task:  To provide a sound system that would provide quality reinforcement while not detracting form the historic and esthetic feel of the room.

The Solution:  Advanced started the process by identifying the problems with the current installation.  A 70 volt distributed system was being used with a series of speakers located down the sides of the church.  This presented an alignment issue that added to the unintelligible sound as you moved farther back in the room.  Also the system had undergone many revisions and suffered from a non-unified design.

The system needed to operate with minimal interaction from the user.  To accomplish this a solution based around the Biamp Audia Flex product was chosen.  Access to various places in the church was limited and it was decided to conceal as much of the cabling as possible.  An Audia unit was placed at the front of the church in the existing amp rack.  All the inputs were tied to this and custom control screens were developed in Biamp’s Davinci software for use with a tablet PC when adjustments are needed.  A second unit was placed at the back of the room and the two were 
connected with a piece of CAT5 wire carrying all the audio via Cobranet.  Once we had the signal processed we were able to take it back out as individual channels to the various speakers.

The Meyer Stella 4 speaker,  a small powered speaker was chosen for it’s clarity and physical size.  These speakers were placed along the side of the room tucked up in each vault.  The speakers were powered with a common power supply allowing for minimal cabling from the rear of the room.

After the system was commissioned the congregation was amazed at how natural sounding the system was.  The committee was very pleased with the install and the lack of impact it had on the rooms esthetics. 

470 Church Road. 
Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304 


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March 31, 2019